Digit Shooter!

Name Digit Shooter! Digit Shooter! is the most famous version in the Digit Shooter! series of publisher Gökhan Demir
Publisher Gökhan Demir
Genre Casual
Size n/a
Version 1.1
Total installs n/a
Update Nov 17, 2022
MOD Unlimited money, gems
Android Android Casual
2.4 ( 562 ratings )
Price: $0

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Digit Shooter is a casual game offered by Gökhan Demir. It is a minimalistic shooting game where players must shoot the green dollars to add to their cumulative score. They should also avoid the red dollars as it will subtract from their score.

In addition to shooting for points, players can practice their math skills by solving additions, subtractions, multiplications, and divisions with flying numbers. You must make quick decisions to accumulate a high score and beat your previous score.

Overall, this game is simple and only calls for keenness and fast reactions from the players. It is suitable for all ages and can be a fun way to improve math skills on the go.

A Fun-Filled Gameplay

This game is easy to play with a straightforward concept. The dollar-themed targets will randomly appear on the screen, and players should shoot them before they disappear. The green dollars add points, while the red ones subtract from the overall score.

The catch is in avoiding the red dollars while quickly solving the math problems in between. Your hand-eye coordination must be on point to acquire a high score and become the ultimate digit shooter.

Fortunately, the game is quite rewarding, and players can gain extra lives and power-ups by completing missions. Always use these power-ups when necessary to improve your gameplay and achieve a higher score.

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Highly Progressive Gameplay

In this game, you will start at $0 and aim to increase your digit score by shooting the green dollars. As you advance through the levels, more math problems will be added, and the speed of the targets will also increase.

However, the joy that comes with accumulating dollars is unrivaled. You will see your zero grow into double digits and even triple digits in no time. If you avoid the red targets, you will continue adding to your digit score without worrying about losing points.

As you run through the gaming platform collecting power-ups, you will see the green plus sign power-up. This power-up will increase your fire rate, allowing you to shoot targets quickly and accurately.

The higher the fire rate, the easier it will be to shoot green dollars. As such, you will accumulate more money, ensuring a higher digit score at the end of each level.

You should avoid the negative fire rate power-up since it will decrease your shooting speed, making it harder for you to hit the green dollars. Be strategic and only choose power-ups that benefit your gameplay.

Upgrade Your Projectile/Range

This power-up will increase the size and range of your projectile, allowing you to hit targets that are farther away. It is also easier to shoot multiple targets at once with a larger projectile.

However, remember that it can also make it harder for you to avoid the red dollars as they may be within the wider range of your shot. You must be calculative in choosing when to use this power-up to maximize its benefit while minimizing its negative effects.

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Outstanding Features of Digit Shooter

  • Collect All Money. In some instances, you will find bundles of money that can give you a large sum of digit scores if collected. Keep an eye out for these bundles and quickly pick them. However, they are usually arranged across, and you must make quick horizontal moves at high speeds.

The Digit Shooter MOD APK for Android offers improved features, ensuring a more enjoyable and rewarding gaming experience. The MOD APK has these exceptional features:

Digit Shooter is a simple yet addictive game that allows players to test their shooting skills while accumulating virtual money. The various power-ups and features make the gameplay even more exciting as players strategize to earn a high-digit score. Try out the MOD APK for better gameplay opportunities.

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